- An Unforgettable Experience - ( A Sweet Storm)

This moment was happened a year ago. At the time, we just back from school and planed to do computer's skill homework together. During the trip, there were many events which made us laugh, such as Venny's foolish act even make her ashamed and couldn't be brave to remember that again.
We agreed to do the task at "warnet" near the terminal. I did it with Laela, whereas Venny did it with Atalia. When the task had been finished suddenly the computer became error. I was very dejected because the file haven't been saved yet. Fortunately my friend named Laela tried to make me calm and asked me to make the task again. Meanwhile,Venny and Atalia was laughing on me. How cruel they are :(
The task was finally completed but the problem doesn't stop there. When we are wearing shoes, suddenly rain fell from the sky. At first, we agreed to wait until the rain stopped, but the longer the heavy rain accompained by blustery winds and the clouds look very dark.
I said : "How about to run toward the terminal now? I think the rain wouldn't end soon." then Laela and Atalia shocked : " Are you serious, Wili???" but Venny answered : "Sure, it's almost 16.50 o'clock. I'm afraid the public transport isn't exist anymore, and tommorow is friday, so it;s okay if our uniform is soaked."
"Ok! On 3 we start to run. 1,2,3, go!!!!!!!!"
All of us were running as fast as possible, and unrecognized we were holding hands each other till we arrived at the terminal. Luckly, the public transport were in line waiting for the passangers, so we could went home as soon as possible. Altough now we are far apart, but our friendship will never die. "Stoberi soccer" I miss you so bad :(

*Stoberi Soccer*
- Atalia Nurul Adgia -
- Laela Nurapipah -
- Venny Septina -
- Wili Caswili -

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