Presentasi dalam Bahasa Inggris

Pembukaan (Opening) :
Assalamualaikum... Good morning guys? How are you? We are/ Iam fine too, thanks...
With all respect to my teacher and all of my beloved friends who join this lesson.
Frist of all, let us thank to Allah SWT which gave us blessing and healthy, so we can gather on this lesson.
And the second is to our greatest prophet Muhammad SAW who guided us to the right way.
In this case, we/I will present about "...<title>...". We are from group <..> My name is <..>, and ( semuanya memperkenalkan diri )


Sesi Pertanyaan :
*Ok. Is there any questions? We/I open for just 3 questions. Please raise your hand.
*Is there another question?

Apabila akan menjawab :
I would try to answer the question from... <siapa yang bertanya>

Penutupan (Closing) :
Maybe that's enough from us/me.
We do hope that our information we have share would be very usefull to us all. We are really sorry for our mistakes. Thanks for your attention. See you next time and Wassalamualaikum wr.wb.

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